You have a choice to make everyday about everything. Some choices matter more than others. For example, does deciding to wear a blue shirt instead of pink shirt matter. Or does having a negative attitude instead of a positive attitude about playing a really hard team in basketball and winning because you had a positive attitude about playing them matters.
One time I had a negative attitude about winning a volleyball game. My team and I had had trouble about communicating when trying to get the ball over the net. When we went to play The whole team knew that we couldn’t win because we couldn’t talk. The whole game none of us never cheered each other on because we all thought we couldn’t win. we lost the game because we had a negative attitude.

What We Are Learning In Leadership

 Today I am talking about the importance of taking responsibility for my thoughts, as a leader.♥
How positive and negative thoughts affect what happens to you.
    Your Thoughts can effect your actions. Your actions can effect your attitude . Therefore if I am thinking I can’t win the football game because it’s a really good team, my attitude is going to change making me not play as good. As a leader, You could look at it like this. If I put positive thoughts toward leading my team to victory then we can win if we think positive.


Automatic Thoughts

   Automatic thoughts are the thoughts that pop into your head as soon as someone does or says something that triggers that thought.


Reframing is taking a bad situation and take what you learn from it or see the good in it. For example, we had to put my horse Outlaw down. He had cancer and he was suffering. I reframed it and said that he wasn’t suffering any more. I also said it would be good for me to bond with my other horses.

Thoughts of emotionally healthy people. 

People that are emotionally healthy think about things that can help them in their everyday life.


What I Want People to See When They Look at Me

What I Want People to See When They Look at Me is Caring,Smart and Trustworthy.


By caring I mean that I care whether you are happy or sad. I will do something kind and generous for another person. I will not be afraid to stand up for you when you need it. I am caring.


By smart I mean knowing your weaknesses and your strong points. You need to know what to work on if you are struggling. I want people to see me as someone who puts 105% effort in everything I do.


I want people to see me as trustworthy. I want them to see me as someone who they can trust me to do anything from just keeping a secret to get there homework for them when they’re sick. I want to be seen as Trustworthy


One Crazy, Muddy and Fun Day!

This Christmas break was very fun and memorable.

My friends Abby, Maryn and Kynlee came to my house after school and spent the night after my birthday party. We woke up and ate breakfast and then hung out a little bit. After that we went to the pasture where a calf I raised, named Baby Cow and we visited her. Abby and Maryn rode her. Then we went riding. We drove around a lake on my property. Instead of driving all the way around we were going to go through a muddy gate way into the other pasture. I was driving and I had a voice in the back of my head telling me not to go through it. I went through anyway and floored it. We got stuck but luckily I was wearing my brothers rubber boots that went half way up my thigh. I tried to push us out but it wouldn’t budge. My dad came and he locked the wheels and backed it up like it was no big deal.

It was a great Christmas break with my bestfriends!


Nature is anything that isn’t human. My favorite ting in nature is horses. Horses are beautiful creatures. They can be in the wild or in a pasture bet either way they are just as beautiful.♥


I POSSESS skills in Soul Surfer.

Soul Surfer is a movie about a young surfer,named Bethany,  who was in a shark accident and lost her left arm. She had to overcome many obstacles using I POSSESS skills.

Soul Surfer helped me understand the importance of the different I POSSESS skills by showing me what it takes to be a role model for young kids that have disabilities like her using her I POSSESS skills.

Bethany used persistence to keep trying even when she had trouble but in the end she became a professional surfer.  Bethany used social skills when she was helping the people in Thailand. Also she had empathy for the people.

Bethany is  a very good role model for you people in general. With disabilities or not, she is a very good example.


Self Awareness

We have been learning about Self Awareness in Teen Leadership class. Self Awareness is an important  Quality for a leader to have. Self Awareness is the ability to understand who you are. Self Awareness can help you build relationships because you can understand your feelings.

Thanks for Reading♥

Optimism and Persistence.

Optimism and Persistence are apart of  your Emotional Quotient. Emotional Quotient is a measure of several skills and abilities that are neither verbal or mathematical. Optimism is the ability to be positive in the face of struggle. For example when things get hard you just put a smile on your face and look at the bright side of the situation.  Persistence is the ability to stick with something.